Restaurants and Take-Aways

1. Spizzy Pizza (Erasmus Street, 051 924 3122)

2. Little Rock (Leliehoek)

3. Living Life (Princess Street, 051 924 2834)

4. JC Chinese restaurant (Loop Street, 051 924 0555)

5. The Cabin

6. Manulitos (23 Joubert street, 0733455331)

7. KFC (Joubert street, 051 924 1263)

8. Wimpy (Joubert street)

9. Frangos (Piet Retief street)

10. National Cafe takeaways (21 Piet Rietief street, 051 924 1218)

11. Fish & Chips (Church street, 0835702786)

12. Ladybrand Club

13. Cranberry Restaurant (Beeton street,

Places of interest

1. Take a hike to ‘Die Stalle’ (Rock Formation where horses were kept in the Anglo-boer war). Read more and see some pics of die stalle.

2. Book a tour to Highland Essential Oils in Clocolan (0827893035 / 0837617621, website)

3. Buy a present or just browse at The Cabin Farm Stall just outside Clocolan.

4. Take a day trip further into the Eastern Free State towards Ficksburg, Clarens and Golden Gate. Read about a trip we did.

5. Explore Lesotho. Ladybrand is very close to Maseru. You only require your South African Passport. No visas required. If you have a bit more time to stay in Lesotho there are a lot more places to go. Read about some of our trips to Lesotho: Malealea, Mohale Dam

6. Walk or drive around town and admire all the historical sandstone buildings.

7. See the lions, leopards and tigers at Lions Rock near Bethlehem. Website

Things to do in Ladybrand

1. Golf Club(1 Loop street, 051 924 3146)
2. Gym – Power and Tone Gym (051 924 09 44)
3. Tennis (contact the Golf Club for more info)
4. Squash at Power and Tone Gym – R20pp per hour (051 9240944)
5. Fishing
6. Hiking
7. Horse riding
8. Birding
9. Paintballing
10. Beauty salons
11. Hair salons
12. Rock Paintings
13. Dinosaur Footprints

OVK Head quarters
International Chinese School
Ladybird Music Academy
Round Table

Emergency Services
Ladybrand Hospital
Ladybrand Clinic

Places of Worship
Buddha Tempel
NG Kerk
Baptist Church